Chinchilla to Brisbane

Saturday 20 March: Chinchilla to Aubigny 175 km


Warra Hotel (35 km east of Chinchilla), trading since 1876 is a classic Queensland pub

Cecil Plains

Built in 1932 as a Cecil Plains boarding house, it took until 1938 and three concerted attempts for the hotel to obtain its licence – hence the name “Victory”


A sea of sunflowers near Aubigny
St John’s Lutheran Church opened in 1886 and is still operational
The town lots were offered for sale in the new town of Aubigny in December 1885, but only two lots were sold at that time, one to the Lutheran church and one to the Catholic church. 
We camped behind the Aubigny Hotel – Saturday night and it was packed
The best Chicken Parmi we’ve ever had

Sunday 21 March: Aubigny to Queen Mary Falls 170 km


A local woman told me this used to be the Pittsworth ANZ Bank


Rudd’s Pub, Nobby was built in 1893 and originally called the Davenporter
Author Steele Rudd wrote some of his famous Australian “Dad & Dave” stories here


Clifton Arms Hotel has been going since at least 1897
A steam train comes from Warwick to Clifton twice a year


Allora still has 3 pubs: The Railway (1902), The Commercial (1892) and The Blue Cow (1860)
Eastern Rosella on the roof of the Railway Hotel
There are 33 buildings on the Allora Heritage Trail. This is the 1906 CBC Bank


Killarney Hotel opened in 1867 – note the fire escape ladder from the top floor

Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls from below the 40 meters drop- there’s plenty of water after the rain
Nearby Teviott Brook plunges 38m at Daggs Falls
Joys of camping in the rain – Wagu Sausages bought from the farm in Chinchilla

Monday 22 March: Queen Mary Falls to Boonah 170 km

Our original plan to cross into NSW for a night and return over the Border Ranges via the scenic Lions Road was thwarted by heavy rain so instead we stuck to the main road to Woodenbong and on to Boonah.

Crossing into the mysterious and previously forbidden New South Wales
Koreelah Creek swollen from recent rain
The Rainforest Way in northern NSW would be a very nice drive in better weather

Commercial Hotel in Boonah opened in 1905, with all rooms lit by acetylene gas lamps
Back of the Australian Hotel – it’s been serving beer to Boonah locals since 1888
Continuous rain during our night at the Boonah Showgrounds, thankfully we were dry in the van

Tuesday 23 March: Boonah to Brisbane 95 km

We returned our campervan to Apollo after driving about 2000 km in two weeks.

It took us three attempts to find a non flooded road out of Boonah.  The Cunningham Highway was cut and the road we used closed in 2 places due flooding after we passed through.