Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is in the Cape Le Grand National Park, about 60km east of Esperance. Exploring the south coast of Australia in 1802 Matthew Flinders found his ship surrounded by islands and rocks with nightfall coming on. He named this area “Lucky Bay” when his vessel  took refuge after a summer storm.

Officially the whitest beach in Australia if not the world, it’s washed by turquoise-coloured waters. Such a beautiful place with the best National Park campgrounds we’ve seen, lots of wildflowers and birds so we decided it needed a blog of its own.

Turquoise-coloured waters of Lucky Bay
Seagull feeding on the beach
From the rocks at Lucky Bay
Wallaby looking out to sea
Wallaby deciding which way to go
We we lucky to see a wallaby on the Lucky Bay beach
There are dozens of New Holland Honeyeaters flitting around in the trees
Just a few of the hundreds of wildflowers around Lucky Bay
Path to Thistle Cove, the next beach along
Thistle Cove
Walich Dreaming Story, as told by Nyungar Aboriginal People: “When the wind blows amongst the rocks at Hellfire Bay you may hear our ancestors crying for their two children who were carried out to sea by mother walich the eagle”
Surfers walking along Hellfire Bay
Rock parrot at Hellfire Bay


We took the tourist drive along the beaches west of Esperance, pulled up to admire the scenery and there was a whale and calf resting in the calmer shallow waters just a few meters off shore at Twilight Beach.

Rough seas at Fourth Beach on the Esperance Tourist Drive
Whale and calf at Twilight Beach