Isla Gorge to Charleville

Saturday 24 October: Isla Gorge NP to Dulacca 235 km

We woke to steady rain. A check of the Qld Traffic website showed the road we had planned to take from Wondoan was flooded so instead we stuck to the main Leichhardt Highway to Miles and then west on the Warrego Highway to spend the night in Dulacca.


15 km north of Taroom there is a 5 km long chain of lagoons known as “Chain Lagoons”
The Chain Lagoons have a big clump of the unique Dawson River Palms


The windmill tower marks the entrance to the town of Wandoan
Early European history of Wandoan painted on the town water tank
Old bushy saying out here: “If you can stick to this land in the dry, she’ll stick to you in the wet”


Off the highway on a back street in Drillham – the old Presbyterian Church, dedicated in 1918
Outdoor dunny behind
We had just said that you would not want to stop on a rail crossing, a train COULD come


Dulacca means “Emu tracks”: follow the tracks to THE PINK PUB – you can’t miss it!
We camped out the back of the Dulacca Hotel est. 1908
After the rain, a spectacular sunset

Sunday 25 October: Dulacca to Mitchell 235 km


There are about 6 houses in Jackson, and 2 churches


The Native Wells – about 15 km south of Yuleba on the old Cobb&Co route to Surat
These wells supplied local people with clean drinking water
They were formed many centuries ago by first cracking the rock with fire
1 km further south – The Maryanne, once a rest site for bullock wagons, a great camping spot


The Federal Hotel in Wallumbilla was forced closed after a massive fine for a COVID-19 breach


We stayed in Roma on our previous road trip. Click here for the other photos


Taking the waters at The Great Artesian Spa in Mitchell
Parked under a huge Bottle Tree
Four of the pubs in Mitchell
Samios Brothers been supplying everything country folk need since 1928
Probably not a lot of crime in Mitchell – this is the Court House
We overnighted at Fishermans Rest Campground on the Maranoa outside Mitchell
Birds around our campsite

Monday 26 October: Mitchell to Charleville 190 km

Dawn on the Maranoa


How old is the Mungallala pub? No one knows; best guess about 100 
This was built after original hotel was destroyed by fire in 1917
The old Post Office is now a cafe with the best coffee west of the Divide
Profits go to support kangaroo rescue by the owners – Kangaroo Jack’s Coffee Cart


Tregole National Park is 10 km south of Morven
It protects a stand of endangered Ooline trees dating back to the Ice Ages
These trees support the Queensland Black Orchid in less than ideal semi-arid conditions
Tin hut, built of flattened kerosene tins, for housing during the great depression of the 1930s

Rock Pool (Charleville)

How’s this for a camping spot – an abandoned quarry 10 km east of Charleville