Eulo to Girraween NP

Sunday 1 November: Eulo to Charlotte Plains 125 km

An old hand-cut gidgee post fence at Paddadilla Bore, 15 km east of Eulo
The beauty of gidgee (a type of wattle) is it doesn’t bend, rust, rot or break
Cattle trough at the Paddadilla Bore
Where father goes, babies follow – we’ve seen hundreds of emus in the last few days
The male emu broods the eggs and stays with the chicks for the first 18 months


We’d passed through Cunnamulla on our previous trip. The photos are here.

Coolibah trees in the Warrego River at Cunnamulla – they like it wet, but not that wet
Emu taking a drink

Charlotte Plains

We liked Charlotte Plains so much last time we had to go back. Here are those photos.

Cava in the Charlotte Plains hot artesian bore bore baths somehow tastes even better
On our morning walk along the bore water canal we spotted …
… Rainbow Bee Eaters …
…. Major Mitchell head down and ready for take off …
… and Mallee Ring Neck Parrots
Last time there was one dingo hanging from the tree at the property turnoff, now there’s three

Monday 2 November: Charlotte Plains to Bollon 135 km

In less than one kilometer we saw 4 of these goannas running across the road


The ute pulls up in front of the Bollon pub. The driver gets out, leaves the engine running, goes into the pub for a beer, comes out and drives off.
Another great camp on the Wallam River, Bollon
The water is brown, the blue sky reflected
A pair of Pacific Black Ducks came to visit us
“The Quarters including Watchhouse and fence are all of sawn timber and painted, in point of fact it is the best erected station that I have seen in a remote place.” Inspector Armstrong, January 1883

Tuesday 3 November: Bollon to Nindigully 160 km

St George

The original 1880s Australian Hotel in St George was was made with mud and wattle walls 2′ thick
The “new” hotel was built in 1939


We enjoyed Nindigully, Queensland’s oldest pub, on our last trip (here) so we are back for more.

Free beer is always tomorrow at the Nindigully Pub
Melbourne Cup at Nindigully Pub
This pub must be the only one in Queensland without a gaming licence and no pokies
1.5 kg Gully Steak Sandwich
Pam trying to figure out how many eggs, pineapple, bacon & cheese goes into it
The Gully’s thirsty locals (nearest eight kilometres) arrive for an evening session

Wednesday 4 November: Nindigully to Yelarbon 215 km


Weengallon aboriginal rock wells – part of a trail of Aboriginal rock wells extending to north Queensland
They were used by aboriginal groups coming from Mt Isa to the Bunya Mountains


The Talwood Hotel was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire in 1930
Bird attacking a Brown Snake opposite the Talwood School


Toobeah consists of a general store (closed) and the 1911 Coronation Hotel
But it is a center for grain growing on the Western Downs
Harvest time – the wheat is piled up before being transported by truck or rail


The Victoria Hotel in Goondiwindi with a slightly off-kilter tower
Built during the rein of Queen Victoria, it was expanded to its present form in the 1920s
Goondiwindi Customs House, built in the 1870s as a border customs point before Federation
Current QLD NSW Border


We spent the night at Yeralbon to see the painted silos at dawn
Yeralbon silos

Thursday 5 November: Yelarbon to Girraween NP 235 km


Built in 1928 the Texas Rabbit Works ceased operation in 1992
From 1930 to 1960 it processed over 6,000 rabbits every day
Silver Spur mine about 12 km west of Texas operated from 1895-1960


Impressively large, it takes 25 grannies to make a Suttons apple pie
Stanthorpe Post Office constructed 1901, Australia’s first post-federation PO


Wallangarra Railway Station opened in 1887 to link the different rail gauges in NSW & QLD
We wanted to go to the Jennings Hotel (est.1922) opposite the Railway Station but it’s in NSW