Carnarvon Gorge

Wednesday 12 August 2020: Carnarvon Gorge

There’s only one walking track in the Carnarvon Gorge. It follows the Carnarvon Creek 9.6 km upstream to the Big Bend. Off the Main Track, there are diversions to the Moss Garden, the Amphitheatre, the Art Gallery, the Cathedral Cave and Boowinda Gorge. So it’s about 22 km round trip, 6 hours 30 mins for us.

Animals of Carnarvon Gorge – Swamp Wallaby, Platypus, Echidna, Emu
At the start of the Carnarvon Gorge hike, crossing the Carnarvon Creek
When you first enter the Gorge, there are many Cycads
The Gorge is so different to the semi-arid land outside with its tree frens, cycads and palms
Walking into the Gorge
The Strangler Fig has a good grip on this rock
Beneath the Fern Tree a small waterfall spills into the pool at the Moss Garden
Path to the Amphitheatre
You climb this ladder to enter the Amphitheatre …
… a 60m deep chamber in the rock
Bird, flower and butterfly
Creek crossing number 4
Looking up at the cliffs deeper into the Gorge
Another Creek crossing
Bidjara and Karingbal people made sophisticated stencils in the Art Gallery from at least 3500 years ago
Art Gallery stencils tell the stories of the local people
Entrance to Boowinda Gorge which runs off the main Carnarvon Gorge
Boowinda is an indigenous word meaning “thunder”; the gorge has been sculptured by water
The Cathedral Cave – for centuries people gathered here in large numbers
In the center is a stencilled image of a rifle, a record contact with the settlers
The turn around point at Big Bend, 9.6 km from the Visitors Center
There are 17 Creek crossings using stepping stones on the walk

Thursday 13 August 2020: Carnarvon Gorge

Boolimba Bluff is 6.8 km return with 300 (some reports say 900) steps and a few ladders to climb so it’s best done as a separate walk. It took us 2 hours.

Today’s wallaby photo
There’s 300 rugged steps and a few ladders to climb to reach Boolimba Bluff
Boolimba Bluff, 200m above Carnarvon Creek
Puddle hollows on the Bluff, about 180 million years old formed by slow moving water on fine sand
The descent took almost as long as the climb
A sandstone cave on the climb/descent

The Rock Pool is a short, 600m return walk from the road to the Visitors Center, before Carnarvon Gorge.

The Rock Pool, carved from the bed of Carnarvon Creek by past floods

Another short walk (3.5 km return) from the main road takes you to Mickey’s Creek and Warrumbah Gorge. The micro climate inside to cool and damp encouraging ferns, mosses and orchids.

Brilliant-green ferns adorn the walls and floors of this picturesque gorge
Sunlight only penetrates for a short time so the gorge is cool even on the hottest days
Warrumbah Gorge where you can stretch your arms to touch both walls of the Gorge
Animals can smell the damper cooking at the campsite