Brisbane to Yeppoon (March 2021)

Wednesday 10 March: Brisbane to Kenilworth 167 km

Our third road trip in Queensland after July 2020 (here) and October 2020 (here) – this time we’re heading north to Yeppoon and back inland for 2 weeks in another Apollo Euro Tourer. The map is here.

First stop – fresh Moreton Bay prawns straight off the boats at Shorncliffe
Maleny Chocolates – we got a pack of mixed dark, yummy!
Then Kenilworth Dairy for a cheese tasting pack
Prawns from Shorncliffe with chilli sauce on the BBQ at Little Yabba Creek Camping Area

Thursday 11 March: Kenilworth to Tin Can Bay via Noosa River 185 km

We’d been kayaking on the upper Noosa River many times in the past. We returned by boat with a Everglades Eco Safaris tour from Elanda Point (now habitatnoosa everglades ecocamp) to Harry’s Hut. It was a dull, cloudy day on the way up and raining on the way back but the black tannic waters reflecting the bush are always beautiful.

School kids learning to kayak at the Kinaba Information Centre at the start of the everglades
We stopped for a walk around Fig Tree Point, former Aboriginals meeting place
Pelicans on the Noosa River
Reflections of the bush in the dark waters of the upper Noosa River
The water is black as tea with dissolved tannin from the trees
Coming back it started to rain

Tin Can Bay

Of course we had to have Tin Can Bay scallops for dinner
There’s a nice walk along the coast at Tin Can Bay especially at sunrise

Friday 12 March: Tin Can Bay to Burnett Heads 225 km

We passed through Maryborough but didn’t stop. Click here for our photos from October 2020.

We had to go via Mamino Ice Cream near Childers (again)
Traditional handmade ice cream in a variety of flavours with local macadamias

Elliot Heads

Bird feeding on the beach at Elliot Heads

Burnett Heads

Burnett Heads Historical Lighthouse
Relocated from Moreton Island in 1873, operational at South Head until 1972
Haven’t seen a Green Tree Frog for years


We came to Bargara for the parkrun

Saturday 13 March: Burnett Heads to Seventeen Seventy 170 km


Black Swan in the Baldwin Swamp Environment Park, Bundaberg
Water Tower (1902), The Old Bundy Tavern (1917), Burnett Bridge (1898), Post Office (1890)


Rosedale is a small town (pop 438) between Bundaberg and the Town of 1770
The Rosedale Barber was fully booked today (Saturday)

Seventeen Seventy

Last time we were in 1770 there was no caravan park, or anything else. You just put up your tent on the beach. Well that’s the way I remember it. Things have changed but it’s still nice.

This goanna came out from under our van and ran up the tree
Beach at 1770
Crabs running across the beach
A couple fishing at low tide at 1770
Paddle boarder setting out across the bay at sunset
Secluded Beach on the Pacific Ocean side of 1770
A short walk over the hill to see the sunrise

Sunday 14 March: Seventeen Seventy to Yeppoon 275 km

Miriam Vale

Miriam Vale Hotel (circa 1897)
There is no COVID in Miriam Vale (pop 512)
Confirmed by the local policeman when I did my 9am breathalyzer today
Filling up at the Big Crab in Miriam Vale (no crabs anywhere near Miriam Vale)

Mount Larcom

I think we found the right toilets in the old cattle town of Mount Larcom (pop 361)


A beautiful beach is almost 20 km long and not another person in sight
Is there anywhere else in the world like Yeppoon?
Fishing boats high and dry at low tide
Fan Rocks on Double Head were created 60 million years ago
Kemp Beach, nestled between Double Head and Bluff Point