Coast to Coast



22 & 23 April 2019

About 15 km inland from Tarragona, Reus is the birthplace of Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926), the famous one-of-a-kind Catalan architect. Whilst there are none of his buildings in Reus there are 29 Modernista (Catalan Art Nouveau of late 19th & early 20th centuries) buildings. To get to Reus we took a train from Valencia to Salou then walked the 12.7 km, a pleasant walk via the old Roman village of Vilaseca. Click here for a map.

For us, Reus is the home of vermouth, that bitter-sweet aromatic fortified wine we enjoy so much. Catalan/Spanish vermouth is an aperitif taken straight with ice, a slice of orange and perhaps a splash of soda. It’s a world away from the Italian & French vermouths of martinis. Traditionally, “la hora del vermut” was just before lunch but these days “nos vamos de vermuts” (we’re going for vermouth) can be anytime you feel like it.

Might as well start off with a white vermouth from Miró
The bar in the Vermouth Museum has dozens to choose from
Preparing the stalls for Sant Jordi Day around the 17th century church
Casa Abelló 1904
Casa Navàs, 1908, decorated with roses for Sant Jordi Day
Decoration on Modernista buildings
Pouring wine Catalan style
Instructions on how to eat Calcots (shallots charred over coals) and dipped in Romesco sauce