Charleville to Winton

Sunday 19 July 2020: Charleville to Tambo 205 km

A few old Bottle Trees between Charleville and Augathella avoided the clearings
Corymbia tessellaris with its distinctive black and white trunks growing at Augathella
Augathella Police Station
Many buildings in the  late 1800’s were built with the boards inside the frames, one on top of the other, with little nailing
The classic 1950s Australian movie Smiley is about the misadventures of a boy growing up in Augathella
An old Augathella house has a Bottle Tree for sitting in the shade
Tambo Court House (1888) with its lockup out the back
The 1904 Tambo Post Office is for sale if you’re interested
Chook races at the Royal Carrangarra Hotel in Tambo
The chicken chase after a remote controlled car with chook feed on top
We camped “on the the outer Barcoo where the churches are few, and men of religion are scanty”
A BUSH CHRISTENING – A.B. “Banjo” Paterson

Monday 20 July 2020: Tambo to Dunblane Station 222 km

Dawn is a good time to see kangaroos but a bad time to be driving
Galahs,  also known as the pink and grey cockatoo
River Red Gum on the banks of the Barcoo
BP Blackall
In 1887 surveyors used a blackened tree stump in Blackall as the base for their measuring equipment
People considered anything west of here to be beyond the “Black Stump” and less civilized
Outback Windmill

Once there were 11 pubs in Barcaldine, now there are 4
Barcaldine Masonic Lodge, moved from Comet in 1886
This building is from 1901 – it’s all tin with the front painted to look like brick
Heritage Listed St Peters Church of England built 1899, Barcaldine
A flock of galahs on Dunblane Station near Barcaldine
We spent the night at the Westbourne Shearing Shed but it wasn’t shearing season
Spectacular sunsets are guaranteed

Tuesday 21 July 2020: Dunblane Station to Winton 282 km

Machinery Mile on the main street of Ifracombe has a huge collection of old machinery
Langenbaker house of corrugated iron and timber was erected in Ilfracombe in 1899
The family moved here from further east and brought their house with them on a bullock cart
The old pubs in Longreach are now tourist shops
The train still brings sheep from Winton to Longreach

Previously named Pelican Waterhole, the postman decided it was too long to write so he changed the name to the place where he was born in England – Winton
Tattersalls, the oldest standing hotel in Winton
The ground floor was constructed in 1885 and the upper floor added in 1914
Campfire cooking at Mistake Creek a few k south of Winton